Not so long ago, it was enough to be a “graphic artist” or “designer” and focus on a very targeted set of skills. As the world shrinks and expands at the same time. It becomes increasing more important to understand how things connect in order to provide the best possible product for our clients.

What to do?

This means not only understanding the basics of design, but understanding the underlying principles of how things work. When is it best to use flash? How do I encode video to provide the best user experience? Is it important that everyone see the same thing? How can I help clients understand the need to create their content with the most flexibility.

Purpose of this Site

The purpose of this site is not only to show examples of work, but also provide a place to talk and perhaps rant a little about the latest trends and what the future might hold. It is also giving me a chance to explore new options and add new skills to my toolbox. Hopefully you will not be too bored and may find a few items that will interest you and maybe even hire me to work for you.

I’m also going to put some of my very interesting friends in the sidebar. If you have some time, explore and perhaps it will give you some inspiration or even a chance to connect to these fabulous people.

The site is structured as a blog with a gallery of images and videos and some case studies of how things came together, as well as posts about trends and what I believe could be interesting for clients and others to read and digest.

I sincerely hope that you like what I am trying to do with this site. If you have any ideas, questions or concerns, just send me an email!